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Please don't worry, I promise you we are not insurance brokers. We are merely humble Marquee owners with quite a bit of experience in organising events. This is probably the best free piece of advise you will ever recieve. If you are getting married or organising a huge event, no matter where or who your event is with...

Please for your own peace of mind ..... take out wedding / event  insurance. I have actually known a venue near Huntingdon Cambs to burn down 2 weeks before a clients big day taking all their money with them and with no come back for the very unhappy couple either ... all their dreams went up in a puff of smoke (literally). It's devastating to watch let alone to be in that situation. I'm just so glad they then contacted us to help them pick up their pieces. 


So you can choose which insurance to have or even whether or not to have insurance , we have attached a link below to 


P.S. The couple who had the misfortune in the little story above had a wonderful day in our Marquee, in a new location we found for them only 3 miles down the road from where they actually got married. The only thing that changed giving only a 2 week turn around was the date by a few days, from a Saturday to a Wednesday. Pictures are to the left.



OK Lets get back on track...
..So...First of all Congratulations, what-ever your Celebration!!
You have a date in mind ??


It is adviseable to contact and visit your service providers as soon as you have a date in mind.

The more advance you are in contacting them the more chance you will have of your date being available. Your 4 main service operators are:


  • Your chosen Church or Registry office (if you are getting married or arranging a Christening)

  • The location for your event

  • North Norfolk Marquees Ltd (We will visit you once you have a chosen the location)

  • Caterers


Not that we're biased at all BUT ...


Please note: that it is far easier for a Marquee to beable to change locations, than for you to actually swap or change an all inclusive venue. All we need, to do your bidding is a freshly cut lawn in a spacious area with beautiful peaceful surroundings... the latter is not always essential but it makes your day seem more perfect if it's there. 


Please also note: we are not magicians, we cannot fit a Marquee in a location that is smaller than the size of marquee that you require. 


When contacting us if you could please let us know the maximum amount of guests that you would like to invite for us to do our sums for the size of marquee you will need.


Approximate size of Marquee with a Dancefloor, stage and Bar to the number of guests are as follows:


0 - 45 guests = 30ft x 30ft Marquee (Aprox    9.15m x 9.15m)

Minimum location size (12.5m x 12.5m)


45 - 70 guests = 50ft x 30ft Marquee (Aprox  15.25m x 9.15m)

Minimum location size (18.5 m x 12.5 m)


70 - 120 guests = 70ft x 30ft Marquee (Aprox    21.4m x 9.15m)

Minimum location size (25 m x 12.5 m)


120 - 180 guests = 90ft x 30ft Marquee (Aprox  27.45m x 9.15m)

Minimum location size (30.5 m x 12.5 m)


Please also be aware that if you require a catering tent or heater annex etc... you will need more location space as these are fixed to the exterior of the Marquee.


Once you have decided on all of the above then pay all deposits that are neccessary to hold your services for your date.


OK Thats the hard part done...Now for the fun stuff !! 


We'll put the rest in bullet point form for you to just check through. We have used an example of weddings for the list below but please just pick out and choose what you need if your'e not getting married. 


  • Make a list of guests

  • Send out save the date cards if needed

  • Research and book a photographer

  • Choose Colours, Decor and/or Theme for your wedding / event

  • Choose the best man, ushers, bridesmaids, pageboys and flower girls

  • Start Wedding dress/ suit and shoe shopping

  • Start looking for bridesmaids dresses

  • Start looking for ushers best man and pageboy suits

  • Start looking at menus from your caterers

  • Start your floor and table plan

  • Choose and book travel to and from your wedding / event

  • Book entertainment for the reception / event

  • Start getting paperwork in order

  • Finalise menus with your caterers

  • Send invitations out 5 to 6 months in advance with your gift list information and menu with an RSVP

  • Decide on your flowers and finalise decor for your wedding / event

  • Order your wedding / event cake

  • Order your wedding rings and any special gifts required. (Clients page)

  • Book the toastmaster if you're having one

  • Let your caterers know the exact numbers of guests and any special dietry requirements

  • Start your wedding / event hair and makeup trials

  • Book your Honeymoon or just a holiday

  • Book your wedding / event night accommodation

  • Finalise your floor plan with us

  • Finalise your table plan giving a copy to your caterers giving them location of people with dietry requirements.

  • Arrange your favours if you're having them

  • Start designing and making your table plan, place names and order of service books for your guests

  • Set your Marquee with your decor

  • Get married

  • Go on honeymoon

  • Order your photographs

  • Send out Thank you cards

  • and Relax......   


Here at North Norfolk Marquees we know exactly how difficult and stressful it can be to organise an event like a small Christening or Family gathering to a whopping 300 Guest Wedding or Corporate event. So we have gathered a little information to hopefully help you along your way. 


Once you have confirmed your date with us, we have a little bit of a bonus for you. 


A private clients page with templates of floor and table plans for you to use.


Also a few other guides and ideas that you may find helpful in planning possibly one of the best days of your life.

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